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Special Thanks to ALL my Bonita Applebums & Tribesmen!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to every one that came out to "Kick It" with us last night @ Live At The Hyde: A Tribe Called Quest Tribute w/ @ Fathom DJ, The Kickback & hosted by me, SB! SO many beautiful people (inside and out) were in the place representing to the fullest. :)

Simple formula...Good people + Good music + Good venue = Good times! Major salutes to Tamara Allen, Fathom DJ, The Kickback and The Hyde for partnering with me to provide this elevated experience to you! Thank you to the greatest hiphop group of all time, A Tribe Called Quest, for providing such an incredible body of music that is not only food for the soul but truly timeless! But most importantly, thank you to YOU for making it an incredible vibe from beginning to finish!

Please make sure to sign up for the SBhiphop mailing list and subscribe for updates at and share so you and yours can stay in tune with future "Excursions", events, music, film/tv, etc., etc. I have some special treats and some BIG news to announce soon. :) Can't thank you enough for your love and support, it truly means everything!!!


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