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SB banters on Hiphop G.O.A.T.'s, Top 5, Substance & more on Infinite Banter podcast show!!!

SB Banters w/ DJ Soundwave on Infinite Banter
SB Banters w/ DJ Soundwave on Infinite Banter

Listen as me and my longtime brother Mark Jolliffe , bka DJ Soundwave, banter back n forth on a wide variety of subjects including new SB music, new SB visuals, upcoming film projects, what makes a G.O.A.T. worthy emcee, etc, etc., on the one and only, Infinite Banter Podcast!!!!

I make some controversial statements (on TOP 5 Emcees, G.O.A.T. Emcee, etc.,) but I spoke from the heart so it is what it is...lol!

Check it out by clicking link below and hit the social buttons (facebook, instagram, twitter, email, etc.,) to share!


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