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interview on infinite banter podcast available now!

The Infinite Banter Podcast Episode 70 "Reppin The GO" interview with myself, Genesis7 and my Bro, DJ Soundwave, aka "MJ", is now available on all streaming platforms (i.e. Spotify, PODGO, iHeart Radio, Odyssey, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Youtube, etc.,) NOW! Go listen today on any of the above, share, comment and provide us with your feedback on social media!

We had a ball and covered a lot of ground subject wise in this interview, so much that I forgot to plug my elevated lifestyle brand, ART OF WAR, and our first release, my new shoe, the SB RBG Frontline (available for purchase at ), lol! Please be sure to subscribe to the Infinite Banter Podcast at the streaming platform of your choice to listen to past episodes (stellar content w/ a well decorated and celebrated cast of guests)!

Last but not least, please be sure to join our mailing lists at , and at the below social media handles to stay in tune on upcoming music, shows, events, news, etc.!

SB (@sbhiphop on Instagram & Twitter, @sbhiphop247 on TikTok)

Genesis7 (@gen7productions on Instagram & Twitter)

DJ Soundwave (@djsoundwave75 on Instagram & Twitter, @infinitebanterpodcast on Instagram & Twitter)


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