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"Behind The Bars" this Thursday, 9-19-19, @ Litehouse Whole Food Grill!

SB in booth @ Planet Earth Studio (photo credit: Tye Hill)

Greetings Good People! :) I just wanted to provide a bit of insight into the “Behind The Bars” event this Thursday (9-19-19). I came up with the concept of the “Behind The Bars” series first and foremost as a means for artists to have a uniquely intimate forum for connecting with DJ’s, tastemakers and most importantly, music fans in general. One of my favorite quotes is from the poet, Amiri Baraka, and reads as follows:

“Thought is more important than art. To revere art and have no understanding of the process that forces it into existence, is finally not even to understand what art is.”

Additionally, as an artist I’ve experienced (directly/indirectly) the level of depth and connection that is created at DJ pool engagements, advertising agencies, & both mom n pop/big-box retailers in an effort to market, promote and sell our art. I thought, “What if we created a forum that allows an artist the opportunity to engage and connect with not only the DJ’s, producers, tastemakers, press/media, agencies, etc., but also the general listening audience as a whole, all at the same time but on a more profound level?” I also thought it would be cool to peel back the veil of mystery behind the creation of art and share it directly with all music supporters/consumers in a way that enriches the experience of connecting with an artist and their art like never before. DJ Shaun T, who’s been a big supporter of mine for years, reached out to me with the idea of doing an event at Litehouse Whole Food Grill and I was immediately sold on it being the venue for this installment knowing not only that it was a black-owned business but also the product of my brother and fellow collaborator, Mikkey Halsted, and the Nance Family. Hence “Behind The Bars” was born.

This first installment with yours truly is hopefully just that, the first of an ongoing series. Please come out and support this uniquely curated experience and please let me know the names of your favorite recording artists that you would like to participate in the series. The goal is to continue to provide you this level of connection with any/all artists of your choice. Thank you for your time, energy and support, we look forward to seeing your face in the place!

*Content from this event may be used for an upcoming television series.

**Please help us gauge attendance so we can plan accordingly by clicking below to RSVP:

SB @ The Island Recording Studio w/ owner/engineer, Paul Norman, & The Que Agency (photo credit: Kimi Phillips)

SB @ rehearsal with Amel Larrieux @ Pressure Point Studios for MGD/Vibe Concert series, "The Craft", @ the Park West (Chicago)

JV, Common & SB on stage @ The Park West (Chicago) for MGD/VIbe "The Craft" concert series

SB @ Merchant Street Festival in Kankakee, IL (photo credit: @Nad422 on IG)

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