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Please join us Saturday, July 27, 2019 -11am, at the Victory Monument 3500 S. King Dr. in Chicago for a walking tour of Chicago’s Red Summer race riots of 1919.

Before Black Lives Mattered or Dr. King had a dream; before Emmett “whistled” or Colin knelt, there were the violent riots in the summer of 1919.

One hundred years ago, on Sunday, July 27, 1919. Chicago’s Red Summer race riot started at the 29th street beach after a Black youth was stoned and drowned by a white male. The violence spread across the city--most notably in Bronzeville--the center of Chicago’s Black community. It was the longest, bloodiest and most expensive race riot in Chicago’s history and it forever shaped people’s views of the city.

On this walking tour, we will tour locations of some of the most ghastly deeds and inspiring efforts.

Our guides are author Cameron McWhirter (Red Summer: The summer of 1919 and the Awakening of Black America) and award-winning filmmaker Barbara Allen (DuSable to Obama: Chicago’s Black Metropolis.) Both experts on the subject, they have uncovered facts and tidbits long forgotten or unknown to the general public.

Live performances along the route with international artists including Ugochi (Black Butterfly ) and spoken word artist SB.

To keep you hydrated, water and light refreshments will be served along the route.

Funds will go to support the film, Red Summer Winter Blues which tells the stories of the 1919 Race Riots and today’s evolving 21st Century racial discord. If you can’t make it, consider donating to this worthy cause.

The event will be videotaped for partial use in the film.

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